Monitoring can minimize the mean time to detect and isolate faults in a system that can cause problems with the functionality of the platform for the end-users. Those problems can cause huge losses if not monitored and mitigated in time by DevOps who are skilled in monitoring tech infrastructures.
Various Dependencies
Platforms that have complex software behind them have a lot of dependencies too. Especially when applications are containerized along with all of their dependencies for more portability and easier updates, they need to be monitored very closely by professionals to prevent unexpected errors and breakdowns.
Proactive Risk Management
Making sure that the system is running properly, each function is being performed without error or delay, and even detailed forecasting of any impending issues due to limitations like disk space can be managed through proactive risk management which is a part of the monitoring process.
Streamlined Workflow and Maximum Productivity
With DevOps monitoring your software continuously and making the required changes to prevent it from having unexpected shutdowns, you can enjoy a streamlined and error-free flow of information and processes throughout. That allows your platform to be maximally functional and productive around the year.
Continuous Testing and Optimization
With each function being tested repeatedly and scanned for optimum performance levels, you can enjoy peace of mind as there are no loopholes to allow a fault that can reduce user engagement and retention for your platform.